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apple developer:Bornean parties unite to plead against Putrajayau2019s u2018Allahu2019 ruling appeal


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,Lawmakers from the 10 major parties in Sabah and Sarawak say Putrajaya should not pursue its appeal against the High Court’s decision that the word ‘Allah’ can be used by Christians. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, March 16, 2021. NON-Muslim Sarawak and Sabah members of parliament, state assemblymen and senators from both sides of the political divide have called on Putrajaya to withdraw its appeal against the High Court ruling that Christians can use the word “Allah” in their religious education and booksIn an unprecedented joint statement, lawmakers from the 10 major parties in the two Borneo states said it’s time to put an end to the 35-year-old polemic and the “pain felt by so many Sabahans, Sarawakians and Orang Asli.”



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