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high quality apple developer account:North Macedonia receives first batch of Russian Sputnik V vaccine


SARAJEVO, March 7 - North Macedonia received thefirst batch of Russian Sputnik V vaccines on Sunday after itbegan inoculations last month, Health Minister Venko Filipcesaid. The first shipment of 3,000 vaccines out of 200,000 thatwere ordered was flown to the Balkan country after it approvedSputnik V for emergency use against the coronavirus. "All these 3,000 doses will be used as the first vaccine, toinoculate elderly citizens with chronic diseases and seniorcitizens in nursing homes," Filipce said in a statement on hisFacebook page. North Macedonia began vaccinating its health workers inCOVID-19 centres last month after it received a donation of4,680 doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech shot fromSerbia. The country has ordered 200,000 doses of the ChineseSinopharm vaccine but the first doses have yet tocome. Under the COVAX scheme led by the World Health Organisationand GAVI vaccine alliance, North Macedonia has ordered 800,000doses of various vaccines and another 800,000 doses of thePfizer/BioNTech shot, but deliveries have beendelayed. REUTERS

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