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ios developer account:Tired of politics amid raging pandemic, man goes on hunger strike to demand change


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Fed up with the political crisis that is likely to drag on until September even as Covid-19 deaths continue to rise in the country, a strategic communications consultant has decided to go on a hunger strike until five demands are met.

Nathaniel Tan posted the demands on his Facebook page today, which has since been shared 450 times at the time of writing.

“I’m starting a hunger strike. Five demands. It is time for action. Enough talk, enough press statements, enough WhatsApp chats.

“Mahatma Gandhi brought the British Empire to its knees without firing a single shot. He followed two simple principles: Never submit and never harm another.

“Maybe we cannot achieve what he achieved (or maybe we can), but we can do as he did,” Tan said.

The five demands are as follows:

1. For the decision-making power in Covid-19-related matters to be fully in the hands of experts, or failing that, to have a parliamentary sitting immediately.

2. To prepare RM500 million for medical equipment at hospitals treating Covid-19 patients, without which they will be unable to save lives. This money should not go through hospital bureaucracy, and ward doctors should be able to freely and openly name the equipment they need without fear of backlash.

3.To allow every frontliner to expose the real situation on the ground without fear of reprisal or censorship, and to publish all Covid-related data without any censorship.

4. To publish the full list of companies still allowed to operate under the movement control order (MCO).

“Too many stories of employers forcing employees to come into work, even when they can work from home. Too many factories. Tell the truth,” Tan explained.

5. Free N95 masks and hand sanitisers to be provided at all hospitals and police stations for free.

Tan said doctors, nurses and the police are expected to risk their lives for us, but they are not even provided free N95 masks and sanitisers, which he said is unacceptable.



Too little done for too long

Too little has been done for too long as Malaysians are dying of Covid-19, leaving behind family members scarred by their loss, Tan said.

“If there is a war going on and we act as if nothing is happening, we will lose more lives.

“And now, our leaders want to drag their crisis on until September, no doubt prolonging their incompetent handling of the Covid-19 crisis that has now led to over 10,000 deaths.

“With 19,819 cases today, by September, we could lose another 10,000 Malaysians. No. This is not acceptable,” he added.

While he does not personally encourage mass gatherings or anything that might put anyone else at risk, he said he can do what “any Malaysian can do”.

“I will take a short walk out of my home and sit at the corner of (the street). I will do my best to stay there and not eat until five demands are met.

“We need change. I can no longer sit and live my life normally while Malaysians are dying due to neglect and incompetence,” he said.


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