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,Most of the job vacancies were in the manufacturing sector at 100,100 vacancies (56.2%), largely in the electrical, electronic and optical products sub-sector

KUALA LUMPUR: The total number of jobs in the economic sector shrank in the second quarter (2Q 21) from a year ago and on-quarter as labour demand was impacted by prolonged health crisis and containment measures imposed since March 2020.

Chief statistician Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Uzir Mahidin said on Thursday total jobs in economic sector dipped by 0.4% to 8.35 million in 2Q (Q1 2021: -1.7%) as compared to 8.38 million jobs recorded a year ago.

He also said the number of jobs created in 2Q20 was the lowest registered since the series began in 2015 as most of the jobs by skill category were for the semi-skilled category.

“In comparison with the previous quarter, total jobs decreased further by 0.9% (1Q21: -0.4%) indicating uneven recovery momentum in labour demand following the impact of prolonged health crisis and containment measures imposed since March 2020,” he said.

These statistics are published in the report of employment statistics for 2Q, based on the Employment Survey conducted on registered businesses in the private sector.

The report presents labour demand statistics, encompassing of jobs, filled jobs, vacancies and jobs created by skill categories and economic activities.

Mohd Uzir said with the rise of Covid-19 new daily cases during this quarter, stringent containment measures were implemented since the middle of May which limited business operating hours and permitted only essential services to operate.

These subsequently were reflected by the decrease of 0.5% at 8.17 million jobs in 2Q21 (2Q20: 8.21 million).

In this quarter, the number of job vacancies in economic sector was 178,000, an increase of 5% due to low base number recorded in 2Q20 (169,500).

The number of job vacancies remained lower than an average of 200,000 job vacancies recorded during the pre-crisis period.

“Both rates of filled jobs and job vacancies during the quarter remained at 97.9% and 2.1% respectively,” he said.

Mohd Uzir said almost all sectors indicated a downward trend except for manufacturing sector which saw a 0.9% increase (1Q21: -0.1%) to register 2.16 million jobs.

More than half of filled jobs were concentrated in the services sector (52.4%), followed by manufacturing (26.4%) and construction (14.9%). The remaining 6.3% was in agriculture and mining & quarrying sectors.

From the viewpoint of skill category, filled jobs for both semi-skilled (-0.4%) and low-skilled (-2.0%) occupation categories declined while skilled jobs (0.1%) increased marginally as compared to 2Q20.

“In terms of composition by skill category, more than half was semi-skilled category with a share of 62.4% (5.1 million) whereas skilled category made up 24.7% (2.0 million),” he added.


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