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Embattled Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin still has several options on the table to save his position, according to a political analyst.

Among them is cutting a deal with Umno leaders who are facing criminal charges in court.

James Chin of the University of Tasmania said Muhyiddin also has more bargaining chips now to offer other MPs switching to his side, following a slew of resignations by Umno leaders from various positions, including two cabinet ministers.

"A thing to remember, no matter how much they (Umno and PN) fight, a deal is still possible.

"Muhyiddin can still back down and say that he would intervene in their court cases, and make a deal to let him stay for one more year.

"By doing this, the Umno MPs (facing court cases) would be able to contest in the next election. If not, in the case they are found guilty in court, the MPs would not only lose their seat now but also the chance to contest again.

"So they would lose one-and-a-half terms. This is what they are fighting for. They are fighting for their future as people's representatives," Chin told Malaysiakini.

Professor James Chin of the University of Tasmania

Muhyiddin, who is the Pagoh MP, is facing an uphill battle to keep his administration in power following the recent decision by Umno to withdraw the party's support for PN.

While maintaining that he still commands the majority of support from MPs, Muhyiddin has promised to put it to a test during the next Dewan Rakyat sitting, which is scheduled to start on Sept 6.

The prime minister also claimed that some who are against him were "uncomfortable" with him because he refused to accede to their demands, including interfering with the courts. 

While Muhyiddin did not name the individuals, it is understood that he was referring to Umno MPs who are charged with various corruption cases.




'Going to be a free-for-all'

Asked on his take whether Muhyiddin would be able to pull enough support to survive the voting next month, Chin said he does not have an answer for that, but offered his best guess.

"You have to assume that if you are the prime minister, it's like you have a credit card of unlimited use. You can buy anything you want," he said.

Contrary to popular belief, Chin added, the recent resignations of Umno figures from the cabinet and several other posts were not signs of weakness but had actually given the prime minister more power.

He said Muhyiddin now has more bargaining chips in his hands, which he can use to offer other MPs in return for their support.

"That was also the reason why he appointed former Perak menteri besar (Ahmad Faizal Azumu) as an adviser with minister status.


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