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RECENTLY, there was a lot of hullabaloo about a drink labelled Timah. This is the latest case where sensitivities erupted like volcanoes would in a multi-racial country that did not have any racial fault lines until the longest-ruling party began losing popular support despite all the gerrymandering.

It is no coincidence that we have seen an acceleration in these incidences after the 12th General Election in March 2008, when the Barisan Nasional lost its two thirds majority. Is it a way of retaliating against those who had not shown it gratitude at the polls?    

Among the previous notable cases of such sensitivities rising were when crosses on mission schools and churches were torn down by racist rowdies with impunity. Incidentally, the same mission schools had given good education to many Muslim children, some of whom became leaders of the country, without them suffering from looking at the crosses every day of their schooling lives, or losing their faith. 

Another unique example of when these sensitivities came bubbling up was when non-Muslim primary schoolchildren were herded into washrooms to have their meals during Ramadan. It had suddenly become insensitive to force Muslim children to watch non-Muslim children having food, as though their pangs of hunger would overcome them and they might steal a bite of something and thus nullify their fast. The move was justified as being necessary to respect Muslim students who were fasting!

During the 1950s and ‘60s, school canteens in the then English-medium schools had halal and non-halal food stalls side-by-side, and the non-halal section even had pork dishes.

The Muslim and non-Muslim children would sit side-by-side and eat their respective halal and non-halal dishes without anyone crying about sensitivities. During the fasting month, Muslim children would still be in the canteens sitting and chatting with their non-Muslim friends who were eating. It was racial unity at its best.

Racial bigotry, with the blessings of the government, destroyed this unity.

No child is born with such sensitivities pre-installed in its mind. So how do such matters get programmed into people’s minds, making them react like robots to external stimuli?

Leave two young children of different ethnicities, colours, religions, social status, and so on together and they will play and hug each other. They are not confused about who they are or what they are.

If any adult comes around and tells the well-dressed high-society child not to play with the shirtless child with torn, dirty pants because the latter is ‘dirty’, the child may not dislike the other child at first instance. But repeat that a few times, and the high-society child now develops a sensitivity to the other and becomes confused.

In the case of grown-ups who have been conditioned to believe their religious leaders, some of whom don’t seem to be fit for the purpose (of teaching religion), without question, it takes one such bigoted leader to strike the match and, lo and behold, hell breaks loose. Even some of the educated don’t question these bigoted leaders when it comes to the so-called laws of God.       


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