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Datuk Ong Eng Bin, CEO of OCBC Bank (M) Bhd.

KUALA LUMPUR: OCBC Bank (M) Bhd is boosting its staff strength with the hiring of more talents across the board despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The increases are mainly in business and consumer banking, compliance and technology.

As one of the top foreign banks in the country, OCBC is not planning to cut its workforce or undertake any rationalisation of its workforce amid the tough business conditions.

In spite of the pandemic, the number of new hires against leavers continued to grow at a steady rate during the 18-month pandemic-centred period. The bank has more than 5,000 staff at the moment.

By the end of September 2021, the bank had hired over 500 new staff either for fresh positions or to replace those who had retired or resigned. And there are almost 300 vacancies set to be filled before the end of the year, apart from a planned 5% headcount increase in 2022.

Speaking with StarBiz on its efforts to provide greater opportunities and spur on the creation of new jobs, OCBC Bank CEO Datuk Ong Eng Bin stressed that the bank would continue to care for its main asset – its people – in these challenging times.

“We leave no one behind. We have not laid off and nor do we plan for any rationalisation of our staff numbers, and this has been so since the pandemic hit us early last year.

OCBC wants to continue to give our colleagues the peace of mind that despite the impact of these rather difficult times coupled with the uncertainties ahead, we will not be leaving anyone behind. Where technology has helped us reduce manual work, we have actively retrained our staff to take on new and forward-looking roles,” he said.

Currently, about half the bank’s total staff work from home on any given day. OCBC is also actively encouraging its customers to, where possible, use its innovative digital banking platforms – including its robust mobile banking facilities both for corporate and retail customers – instead of making a trip to the branch.

The bank has also attained a high vaccination rate of well over 90% bank-wide after encouraging and supporting its staff to be fully vaccinated.

Ong added the bank would only gradually bring staff back to the office with the necessary standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place including split team operations for the back-end departments.

“Being fully vaccinated means we are far better protected than ever before. But we are mindful that the virus is still out there, and the number of new Covid-19 cases are still higher than we would like. So, we are ensuring that those who can currently work from home continue to do so to enable a gradual easing back to normalcy.

“A key priority for us was getting our front-liners, particularly at branches, vaccinated as they deal with customers regularly; so we were pleasantly surprised to see the backroom staff also moving in tandem.


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