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KUALA LUMPUR: Serba Dinamik Holdings Bhd has announced today that its chairman Mohamed Ilyas Pakeer Mohamed and independent director Johan Mohamed Ishak have resigned from the company.

The company, in separate filings today, said the resignations were due to the requirements imposed by Bursa Malaysia Securities to Serba Dinamik that have prohibited Ilyas and Johan from fairly discharging their duties.

Bursa is seeking a court order to force Serba Dinamik to disclose the factual findings of the special independent review conducted by Ernst & Young Consulting Sdn Bhd on its financial accounts.

Adhering to the requirements imposed by Bursa, Serba Dinamik said, put Ilyas and Johan in "an untenable position" that would be contradictory to their responsibilities to the company and its shareholders.

This is because both Ilyas and Johan were in the opinion that disclosing the findings would be "premature and unfair" due to the incomplete Special Independent Review by Ernst & Young Consulting that is still on-going.

The resignations were affective Nov 22.

Separately, Serba Dinamik has appointed independent director Datuk Seri Mohamed Farid Abu Hassan as interim chairman effective Nov 22.

Farid, the former director of Special Branch, joined Serba Dinamik's boardroom on July 7.



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