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SOME 30 residents from Villa Scott in Brickfields gathered outside their buildings on Sunday (Dec 5) to protest against the construction of a 38-storey office block that is being built on a small piece of land measuring 1,208sq m.

This was the second peaceful protest held by residents.

On Saturday (Dec 4) residents from Scott Sentral condominiums in Brickfields held a demonstration announcing that they would be taking legal action against the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and the Housing and Local Government Ministry.

The land where the building is being built was sandwiched between the two condominiums.

In Sunday’s protest, the group’s organiser Pushpaneela VN Suppiah said they decided to keep the group small in order to adhere to the strict SOPs for public places.

Police personnel at the site outnumbered the residents.

"We are fighting for our safety and wellbeing and are shocked why DBKL allowed this development to proceed in a densely built-up area," Pushpaneela said.

"We are going to face serious noise and air pollution in the future," she said.

Another resident who gave his name only as Kumar said the justification for the project as being close to KL Sentral station was not good enough.

"We still face a lot of issues from the traffic coming into the area as there are temples, schools, the Malaysian Association for the Blind.

"This requires more study or at the very least a public engagement with residents," he said.

DBKL issued the development order on Jan 27, 2016.

The order was for a commercial development with a plot ratio of 1:6.5 comprising a 32-storey office block and a 10-storey mechanical carpark.



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