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KUALA LUMPUR: Alliance Bank Malaysia Bhd has launched a Flood Relief Fundraising campaign on SocioBiz, the bank’s social crowdfunding platform.

The bank, which has committed to triple the funds raised from the campaign, said the funds collected would be distributed in the form of cash, essential supplies and daily necessities.

"The campaign is an extension of the bank’s Flood Relief Assistance programme announced recently to help ease the financial worries of individuals and businesses impacted by the floods,” it said in a statement today.

SocioBiz is Alliance Islamic Bank’s Shariah-compliant social crowdfunding platform that deploys social funds to help individuals and businesses in need.

It also said flood-affected customers could opt for loan or financing moratorium of up to six months and loan repayment modifications.

"The bank will also waive finance and fee charges for selected services such as the replacement of debit and ATM cards,” it said.

For more information about the campaign, visit - Bernama



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