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FORBES Magazine, just before the beginning of the pandemic declared that MBAs within the US are in crisis, while advertorials are claiming the demand for MBAs is rapidly increasing.

This makes it worth looking at MBAs within this region.

Forty years ago, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) was the postgraduate qualification for the elite within the corporate world.

What gave the MBA even more prestige was that only a few top universities at the time offered the degree. Early graduates became the top of the corporate world within Fortune 500 companies.

A lot has changed since the 1980s, where now so many universities are offering MBAs and derived hybrid post graduate degrees.

An MBA is a postgraduate degree, usually undertaken by students with a bachelor’s degree and work experience.

Most MBAs tend to be survey courses across the business management discipline, and other related areas.

Many business schools offer MBAs with specialisations in economics, finance, banking, manufacturing, marketing, innovation, technology, and human resources, and the like.

Some of the better MBAs deliver their material in creative and innovative manners to differentiate their courses from others.

MBAs have also broken off into hybrid courses. Executive MBAs claim to focus upon the specific needs of corporate executives.

Mini MBAs are designed for people who don’t have the time to complete a full MBA. Some places call these courses graduate diplomas.

Some universities offer a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA), which has the content of an MBAs with a thesis.

This carries the title doctor after graduation, and may give graduates the option of stepping into academia.  

It can be argued there are three levels of MBA programmes today.

The top universities offer MBAs taught by top academics and pracademics in their respective fields. For example, the legendary Igor Ansoff taught MBA at UCLA San Diego for decades.

Candidates need to score a credit (65%) just to pass each subject. Students undertaking these courses usually develop lifelong networks of peers in the top echelons of the corporate world, and the qualification is considered highly prestigious.

Within the second tier, there is a proliferation of new private and public universities, MBAs were considered cash-cows until recently.

Some programmes would emulate the top universities while others would be more cut and paste curriculums. Some of the more mediocre would just be a glorified Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

The third tier has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, where a host of online MBAs are on offer from around the world.

These courses are offered by high-ranking universities, down to institutions referred to as diploma mills.

Most often, the course content is put online, with teacher contact at a minimum. There are also hybrid formats where some of the course maybe, through option, on campus.


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