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apple developer account:Keep forgetting your pin number? Memory experts know just the trick


If you often struggle to remember your PIN numbers, then you need to start making up a story behind them. — Marius Becker/dpa The lighthouse swan takes a tricycle with a beak full of clovers. Nonsense, right? Except to you, and only you, it's how you make sure you never forget your PIN number. If you've found yourself about to pay at the supermarket checkout and struggled to remember your pin number, try thinking up a story to help you out next time. That should remind you of the numbers and the order they come in, memory experts suggest. Margit Ahrens of Germany's association for memory training says if you imagine a symbol for each digit from zero to nine, then think of a story involving those in your pin number, that will fix it in your mind. Let's say your pin number is 1234. And let's imagine that a lighthouse represents the number 1, a swan represents number 2, number 3 is a tricycle and number four is a clover leaf. In this case, you could imagine a short story or sentence about a lighthouse, which a swan is circling about on a tricycle, with a beak full of clover leaves. It's a fun exercise for your brain and makes it almost impossible to forget your pin number, says Ahrens. – dpa

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