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apple developer account:Wee: We are problem solvers, not troublemakers


Throughout its 72-year-history, MCA has been the foundation of political stability and sought to be problem solvers, not troublemakers, said party president Wee Ka Siong in an online speech today. He said with the political instability faced by the country, Covid-19 and the economic crisis that followed, the lives of Malaysians have been affected but the party seeks to be a helping hand instead of adding to the difficult situation.   “Suddenly, we find ourselves in a situation where we are forced to stay indoors unless necessary, while industries face a difficult and challenging time, with many of them having to transform or be eliminated. “Be it political transformation or changes due to the impact from the pandemic, we have all learned very sobering lessons,” he said from Wisma MCA in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. “All of a sudden, Perikatan Nasional became the government and MCA is back in the ruling coalition,” he added. Wee’s party is celebrating its founding on Feb 27, 1949. It is down to just two parliamentary seats from a peak of 31 in the 2004 general elections. It has lost a substantial amount of grassroots support among the Chinese community to rival DAP, but the party president believes its role is still crucial."Since the day the party was founded as a nation-building political party, we have continued to work with our friends from other ethnic groups to build our country and achieve a new political status in this land for the Chinese community. “We have always been able to face the Chinese community and those from other ethnic groups with a clear conscience. “We are problem solvers, not troublemakers; we are the bridge that unites the people, not the ones that divide the communities; we are the builders of economic development, not performers who advocate populism; we create a stable political environment for the people, rather than becoming the source of political turmoil,” he added.  His speech on the party’s 72nd anniversary was delivered ahead of his opening remarks to launch the party’s annual general meeting (AGM) which is also being held online this year. Wee said MCA has never been a party that creates racial friction as the party’s struggle is not just for the Chinese community but for all Malaysians. Despite only having two representatives in Parliament, he said the party will not give up. “Instead, we need to rise up and hold on to our principles. It is only through the test of time and comparison, will we see the truth,” he added. He called on party members to work hard in regaining voter support to strengthen MCA's political power in the ruling coalition. This came amid uncertainty over the continued cooperation between the Umno-led BN coalition and the Bersatu party of Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin. “Dear comrades, we must regain the people’s support and persuade voters to vote for us so we can have more representatives in the political system to voice out on behalf of the Chinese community and those from other ethnic groups. “We must show the people the practical work we have accomplished, as compared to the hypocrisy and cunning tactics used by the opposition,” said Wee. He said party members must hold firmly to their political principles, strengthen national unity and ethnic relations as well as set economic revival in motion.  Wee also took a swipe at unnamed political rivals who he said were manipulating the emotions of the Chinese community. “In order to win votes, some parties have no qualms in destroying interracial harmony and peace by creating misunderstandings and raising tensions, stirring up hatred by pitting one race against another. “Once such people have gained the support, they will turn around to please those they have previously demonised," he said. In the past few years, the rifts and antagonism in ethnic relations have intensified, he added.  “Today, when the use of the Chinese language is becoming increasingly prevalent, some political parties still believe that the double-faced game is still feasible and continue to manipulate the emotions of the Chinese community. “This is because to them, only when the misunderstandings and stand-off between different ethnic groups continue can they garner a larger number of votes,” Wee said. 

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